André Schalkwyk Obituary, André Schalkwyk has passed away unexpectedly

André Schalkwyk Obituary, Death – The passing of Mr. André van Schalkwyk, who had previously worked at Eshowe High School as the principal, has placed all of the family members, students, and staff members at the school in a very unfortunate circumstance. This is a direct result of the fact that Mr. van Schalkwyk’s passing came about. A significant portion of time has been spent by Mr. van Schalkwyk in the capacity of employee at the school. André, a well-known administrator, began working at Eshowe High School in 1993 and continued working there until the year 2016, when he retired. He worked there for the entirety of his career. He started his career there and remained there up until the year that he decided to leave the company. 1973 was the year when he made his debut in the field of education as a teacher.

Between the years 1993 and 2016, he called that location his home during the length of that span of time. He moved out in 2016. He devoted a considerable portion of his life to helping the people who lived in the Eshowe village as well as the School that he was responsible for establishing in that community in the first place. He did this by providing financial assistance, food, and medicine. He exemplified what it is to be an authentic leader, an incredible mentor, and a person who others could look up to and want to be like. He was the guy who others could look up to and aspire to be like. When we learned the tragic news about André’s passing, it came as a complete and utter surprise, and when we were made aware of it, it tore our hearts apart into a million different pieces.

Everyone in this room was involved in a tragic catastrophe, and as a direct result of this, we have all become victims as a result of the accident. Our deepest condolences are extended to Alison, Craig, and Cameron, as well as the rest of Alison, Craig, and Cameron’s family, during this difficult time. We are aware that you are all going through a difficult situation right now. Our hearts go out to the family of the person who passed away from all of us here at the School. Our sincerest condolences are sent to you. Everyone who is reading this is aware that those of us who are reading this right now are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers at the moment and that they are being kept in those thoughts and prayers by those of us who are reading this right now. Within the dominion of God, the petals of yet another lovely flower have just started to open up.