Antonio Zuber Obituary, Pennsylvania, Antonio Zuber Has Passed Away

Antonio Zuber Obituary, Death – Antonio Zuber of Pennsylvania has suddenly passed away. On January 18th, in the city of Portland, which is located in the state of Oregon, Antonio Zuber was delivered into the world by his parents, Fred J. Zuber and Helen Zuber. After receiving his diploma from Wilson High School in 1965, he continued his education by enrolling in Portland State University, which is where he went on to further his studies after receiving his diploma. In the year 1967, Antonio received the Purple Heart as a token of appreciation for his service in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. His service earned him this honor. This honor was bestowed upon him as a token of appreciation for the contributions that he has made to this community.

Antonio H. Zuber decided that the time had come for him to go into business for himself in 1983 and established Antonio H. Zuber Construction. Before then, Antonio H. Zuber had been employed by Zuber Bros., the construction company that was run by his father, for a period of time totaling a number of years. The concrete work that Antonio has done may be found all around the greater Portland area, but the area close to Multnomah Falls is where it is most obviously displayed. Antonio found a great deal of pleasure in a variety of activities, including telling jokes, spending time with his family, participating in hobbies like karate training and horseback riding, and simply being outside in nature.

He is survived by his wife, Audrey Zuber; his sister, Rosemary Morton; his five children, Tami Black, Joe Zuber, Sophia Zuber, Johnny Zuber, and Isabella Zuber; and eight grandchildren. He will be greatly missed by all of his loved ones. Audrey Zuber, who was his wife, is another person who will miss him. Everyone who cared about him will experience loss in their own particular way when he passes away. Audrey Zuber, who was formerly married to him, is another another person who will be saddened by his departure.