Bernardo Coronado Obituary, 2-year-old Victim of southeast Fresno deadly shooting passed away

Bernardo Coronado Obituary, Death – The name of the person who was murdered in a shooting incident that took place on Sunday in the southwest district of Fresno has been made public by the Fresno Police Department (Fresno Police Department). The victim ended up passing away as a result of the shooting incident. At approximately four o’clock in the afternoon, a man was seen laying on the road next to an apartment building on the 5100 block of East Lane Avenue in the city of Chicago. 5100 East Lane Avenue is the address of the apartment complex that can be found here. The perpetrator, whose name is Bernardo Coronado and who is claimed to be 42 years old, according to the statements made by the officers in charge of law enforcement, According to the testimonies provided by the witnesses, the individual was unresponsive and did not exhibit any signs of respiration at any point during their encounters with him.

RELATED: The Fresno Police Department has informed the public that there was a homicide that took place in the southeast section of the city. The victim was initially characterized as a male who was found laying on the road suffering from several gunshot wounds. This information was given to the authorities. When the event was first reported to the police, this information was provided to the officers. This information was handed over to the police in order to be included in the initial report that was filled out. However, despite the efforts that were made to save his life, he was ultimately pronounced dead about two hours after the initial interaction with law enforcement agents. The investigation conducted by the police revealed that there were attempts made to save his life.

Coronado was at the apartment complex to pay a visit to his girlfriend, according to the findings of the investigation, when he became involved in a heated argument with a number of other people who were also present at the time. This argument involved a number of other people who were also present at the time. These other people were present at the time as well at the location. Coronado was hurt as a result of the incident, which was created by one of the individuals who was there pulling out a pistol and shooting at him multiple times. The incident was prompted by the fact that one of the persons who was there was present. Coronado was injured as a direct result of these steps, which were taken in response to the incident. The investigation is still active, and the police are continuing to investigate neighborhood residents as well as businesses located in the immediate region in an effort to get further information. At this point, they are continuing their search for witnesses as well as video footage.