Betty Reynolds Obituary, Mother & Son Identified in Double Homicide in York County

Betty Reynolds Obituary, Death – The investigation into a double homicide that was conducted by the office of the York County Coroner revealed that there were two people who were responsible for the crimes. According to the comments that were provided by Sabrina Gast, who serves as the city of Fort Mill’s coroner, the agency that she works for was dispatched to a residence that is located on Saddle Ridge Road. It has been determined that Betty Reynolds, who is 71 years old, and Barry Reynolds, who is 40 years old, are the same people. During the course of the police officers’ investigation into how well both of them were doing, the officers discovered that both of them had passed away.

According to the findings of the inquiry conducted by the coroner, the people who had passed away were a woman and her son. The findings of the autopsy and the toxicological test have not been determined as of yet, so we do not know what they will be. Further down on this page, you should be able to locate the official statement that was issued by the York County Sheriff’s Office. The Criminal Investigation Division of the York County Sheriff’s Office is now conducting an investigation into the sixth and seventh homicides that have taken place in York County in the year 2022. These murders took occurred in York County.

On September 27th, at approximately 11:30 o’clock in the evening, deputies from the Fort Mill Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a residence located on Saddle Ridge Road in order to conduct a welfare check on a resident there. The address of the home is in the city of Fort Mill. It appeared as though both the woman, who was 71 years old, and the guy, who was 40 years old, had been shot when their skeletal bodies were discovered inside the residence. It appeared that gunshots were responsible for both of their wounds. The man and the woman had a relationship that was characterized by a reciprocal dependence on one another.