Bob Hilsabeck Obituary, Bob Hilsabeck has passed away unexpectedly

Bob Hilsabeck Obituary, Death – Bob Hilsabeck The 22nd of July 1932 to the 6th of December 2022 The city of Hughson, located in the U.S. state of California – Bob Hilsabeck was born in Mt. Grove, Missouri, and he was named after his father, Floyd Hilsabeck, and his mother, Alma Moore. In 1945, his family relocated to Tulare, which is located in the state of California. Bob graduated from Oakdale High School in 1951 and is considered a member of the school’s class of 1951. He obtained his diploma there. In 1952, just before Bob Senseney was deployed to Korea, he tied the knot with Suzanne Senseney, the girl he had had a crush on ever since they were in high school together. A total of 17 months were spent with him serving in active duty.

After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from MJC, Bob went on to secure a position in the Trade and Tech Department, where he is currently employed as a teacher. His areas of expertise include auto body collision repair and painting. He made the decision to retire in 1993. Bob was an avid motorcyclist, boater, and water-skier in addition to competing in Jalopy and Stockcar races in the early days of Stockton Speedway. He was also a competitor in the Jalopy division. In the wintertime, he was an avid skier. By taking a road trip throughout the United States in their golden years with a recreational vehicle (RV), they created memories that would last a lifetime. Bob and Sue had been happily married for 64 years when he passed away in 2016.

During those years, they had shared a lot of joy and fulfillment together. His demise occurred in the comfort of his own home in Hughson, California, surrounded by images of his wonderful wife at the time of his passing. His only living children are a woman named Debbie Wolski and a man named Kevin Hilsabeck, both of whom live in Ceres, California. He is succeeded in life by his two offspring. There is one grandchild named Raina Clark who currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky. There are a total of three grandchildren. Both Cory Hilsabeck and Alexander Wolski are originally from their respective hometowns of Grass Valley, California and Dallas, Texas. The family’s three great-grandchildren are named Kirsten Clark, who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, Madilynn Alta Donna, who lives in Modesto, California, and Kayla Van Doren, who lives in Houston, Texas. The Grassman family, who reside in Louisville, Kentucky, now has five great-great grandchildren thanks to Elias and Valor. All three members of the Van Doren family are from Houston, Texas: Anastasia Suzanne Van Doren, Titus Samuel Van Doren, and Samuel Van Doren.