Bob Lederer Obituary, Bob Lederer Has Passed Away

Bob Lederer Obituary, Death – LEDERER, Bob In his house on July 10, 2022, at the age of 77, the loving husband and father from South Chatham, Massachusetts died away. He was a resident of Massachusetts. Bob Lederer was the doting and devoted husband of Eileen Lederer. He was also the father of Catherine and Matthew Lederer and the spouse of Tricia Lederer, who was married to Matthew Lederer. Madeline Lederer, Luke Lederer, and Owen Lederer referred to him as “Pop Pop.” He loved being a grandfather and it showed. In addition, Bob is survived by his sister, Elisa, and her partner, Susan Novick, as well as a huge number of nieces and nephews who will miss having him as a part of their lives and are grateful for the time he spent with them.

Bob’s parents also survive him. The things that Bob is passionate about in life might be summed up in just a few sentences. He prioritized his family, his company, and fishing throughout his entire life. His children and grandchildren will be thankful to him for the many years of experience, advice, and kindness that he provided for them, in addition to the manner in which he led by setting an example. It is impossible to place a value on his commitment to the patients, coworkers, and friends whose lives he benefited during his more than half-century career in the healthcare industry.

His contributions to their lives cannot be measured in monetary terms. He fished all his life and devoted his entire existence to the pursuit of catching fish. It is essential to emphasize that the last few months of his life were spent to the fullest, enjoying time with his closest friends and family while fishing in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and the Snake River in Idaho. It is also important to note that he lived his life to the fullest until the very end. Bob will forever be remembered with warmth and tenderness in our hearts. There will be a memorial service held in his honor at a time in the future that has not been agreed upon at this time.