Brian Higginbottom Obituary Boston MA, Comedian Brian Higginbottom has died

Brian Higginbottom Obituary, Death – Brian Higginbottom, a prominent figure in the Boston comedy scene, passed away recently, taking with him one of the city’s most consistently brilliant and brilliant talents. After the news broke over the weekend, there was no immediate announcement regarding the cause of death; however, word of the passing of the popular local stand-up comedian spread quickly on social media, which prompted a number of tributes, reflections, and condolences to be offered to the Hyde Park native and longtime fixture of the scene.

My friend Brian Higginbottom has passed away. R.I.P. He was the kindest of children and was always there for me when I needed help. This has been a burden on my mind all day. Simply an honest and upstanding gentleman,” Jason Cordova posted on Facebook. Ray Harrington was quoted as saying, “I didn’t get the chance to know him better, but every time I met him, he was pleasant and sincere.” It’s a terrible shock to learn of his passing. Although Brian Higginbottom faced challenges in his life, he was also a wonderful person who contributed more to the stage than he detracted from it. My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones and fellow comedians. In an effort to convey not only my grief but also my gratitude for having known him, I have written, deleted, and rewritten various versions of this paragraph. RIP.”

In addition to his years of working in comedy clubs around the city, both on and off stage, Higginbottom started a weekly showcase at McGreevy’s on Boylston Street. This led to him being widely regarded as a potent comedic talent and a widely-sought addition to lineups on any given night and in rooms all over the area. Higginbottom also worked in comedy clubs around the city both on and off stage for a number of years. People gravitated toward him as one of the “good guys” because of his beaming smile and even brighter streak of positivity and enthusiasm. Additionally, his work in the scene and the immense support he showed for his comedy peers when he wasn’t behind the mic himself helped him become known as one of the “good guys.”