Christopher Fazio Obituary, Lifelong Syracuse, New York Native Has Died

Christopher Fazio Obituary, Death – Christopher Fazio of Syracuse, New York has unexpectedly passed away. On the 20th of March, Christopher Fazio is brought into the world. He is born in the city of Norristown, which is located in the state of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. Before he was even born, both of his parents, Samuel and Angeline (Piccone), had already passed away. He was their only child. His mother’s maiden name was Piccone, and he took it after her. Christopher is survived by his loving wife of seven decades, Virginia Jean (Petriello) Fazio, his children Christopher Fazio (wife Patricia), Robert Fazio (deceased wife Rosemary), Lisa Fazio (deceased husband Stephen), and Carol Fazio (deceased husband Chris), his grandchildren Christopher III, Anita, Robert Jr. (Keiona), Renee(Tristan), and Eric, as well as step-granddaughter Kristie (Gary) Sus

Christopher spent his whole working life in the steel industry, finally retiring from both the Lukens Steel Company and the Alan Wood Steel Company. During this time, he held positions of increasing responsibility. He held positions with each of these businesses. Because he had previously served in that branch of the United States Armed Forces during the Korean War, we can claim that he is a veteran of the United States Air Force. This is because he had previously served in that arm of the United States Armed Forces. The United States was where he spent the majority of his time while serving in the military.

Christopher enjoyed a wide variety of pastimes and activities, such as bowling at Facenda Whitaker Bowling Alley, golfing, gardening, taking vacations with his wife, and devoting quality time to his family, whom he cherished deeply. He also took pleasure in spending time with his friends and coworkers, whom he valued highly. In addition to this, he enjoyed hanging out with his friends and the people he worked with, particularly those who also had a passion for bowling. Trooper, in the town of Visitation, he was a devout member of the congregation at the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.