Clarence Johnston Obituary, Mr. Clarence Earl Johnston age 91 of Rockwood has passed away

Clarence Johnston Obituary, Death – Mr. Clarence Earl Johnston, who was 91 years old at the time of his passing and had resided in Rockwood, Tennessee all of his life, departed this life on December 10, 2022. He had lived in Rockwood all of his life. He had 91 years of experience as a native of this planet under his belt at that point. On November 18th, 1931, he arrived in this world in Rockwood, Tennessee, which was the location of his birthplace. On that day, he was brought into the world. When he was born, his father’s name was Glen, and his mother’s name at the time of his birth was Grace.

Following that, he enlisted in the Navy, and following his discharge, he began working as a meter reader for Rockwood Gas. He continued in this role until he retired. He worked in this capacity up until his retirement. Up to the time of his retirement, he served in this position. His maternal grandparents, Glen and Grace Johnston, as well as his paternal grandparents, Jack Johnston, Charles Johnston, Glenn Johnston, and Lawrence “Eddie” Johnston, as well as his sisters Jeane Warner and Joyce Johnston, as well as his wife Barbara Hall Johnston, his son Eddie Johnston, his daughter Connie Demumbreum, and his granddaughter Sharnon Johnston, all passed away before he did.

His granddaughter Sharnon Johnston was his only living relative who was related to Sharnon Johnston, his granddaughter, was the only member of his family to continue living after he passed away. Glen was his father’s name, and Grace was the name of his mother when he was born. His brothers were Jack Johnston, Charles Johnston, Glenn Johnston, and Lawrence “Eddie” John. His sister was Glenna Johnston. His daughter, Connie Demumbreum, and his granddaughter, Sharron Johnston, are the only members of his family who are still with us now. The names of the great-grandsons that he left behind are Seth, Saul, and Syrus Robinette, and all three of them currently live in Kingston, Tennessee. He also left behind a great-granddaughter.

In the case that you are unable to send flowers, we ask that you please consider making a contribution to the First Presbyterian Church of Rockwood in lieu of sending flowers. The arrangements for the cremation have already been made. After the person who has died, there will be no memorial services or other types of celebrations done in their honor after they have passed away. During this difficult time, the family of Mr. Clarence Earl Johnston can turn to Evans Mortuary for support and assistance since they are there for them.