Clark Wooldridge Obituary, Arkansas Clark Wooldridge Has Passed Away

Clark Wooldridge Obituary, Death – On February 12, 2007, while Clark Wooldridge was visiting her daughter in Monticello, Kentucky, she passed away from an unexpected cause. During the final days of her mother’s life, the daughter provided care for and comforted her mother. She had lived for 89 years as a human being before she finally passed away. Her estimated number of years left to live was 89. On May 7, 1917, Lucille Clark was born to her late parents, George Thomas Clark and Mary Ann Caylor Clark. Both of her parents have since passed away. Her mother and father are no longer with us.

There is no sign that either of her parents is still alive today. In December of 1940, she tied the knot with Amos Ray Wooldridge, and he passed away on January 19, 1972, exactly 19 years later. As a married couple, they did not produce any offspring. On January 19, 1972, she took her own life and died as a result of it. Despite the fact that they had been married for a significant amount of time, she passed away before her husband. Her daughter, two sons-in-law, two sisters, and one brother all passed away before she did. Other members of her family also passed away before she did, including two sons-in-law and two daughters-in-law. Her passing came after the passing of other members of her family.

She devoted the remaining years of her life to being a loving and caring mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to her many offspring. Living descendants of the deceased include one son, Carl T. Clark of Barker, Texas, one brother, Carl T. Clark of Barker, Texas, and three daughters, Mary F. Davis of Monticello, Kentucky, Betty Alexander of Monticello, Kentucky, and Wanda Gilbert and her husband Lloyd of Somerset. In addition, the deceased had one grandchild, who was born in Somerset.

Amos Wooldridge Jr. and Bettie Wooldridge of Somerset, Kentucky, and Carl Ray Wooldridge and Immacolata Wooldridge of Somerset, Kentucky; eleven grandchildren and seventeen great-grandchildren. Amos Wooldridge Sr. also leaves behind eleven grandchildren. She was a faithful member of the Beacon Hill Baptist Church and attended services there frequently. She was a kind and gentle lady who will be greatly missed by everyone who had the opportunity to get to know her and count her as a friend at some point in their lives. She will be remembered for her sweetness and her gentleness. She leaves behind a sizable number of grieving family members, friends, and members of the church family, all of whom she was active in during her lifetime.