Courtney Owens Obituary, Gwinnett police ID woman who was shot, killed at her job at car dealership in Centerville area

Courtney Owens Obituary, Death – On Friday, a deadly shooting occurred in the Centerville area at the place of employment of a woman from Snellville who has been identified as the victim of the event. The shooting took place in the Centerville area. The incident with the shooting occurred in the general area of Centerville. The neighborhood of Centerville was the location of the incident that involved the shooting. To be more explicit, the incident that involved the shooting took place in the Centerville neighborhood. A person was shot as a result of an event that took place in the Centerville neighborhood, which was also the location of the incident. At the time of the incident, the Snellville woman in question had already attained the age of 34.

We were able to figure out how old she was by looking at the information that was listed on her driver’s license. Officers who work for the Gwinnett County Police Department were able to produce evidence throughout the course of the weekend that established without a doubt that the victim in question was indeed Courtney Owens. This evidence was able to dispel any and all doubts regarding the identity of the victim. During the course of the inquiry, a highly significant finding like this one was uncovered. Owens was shot on the afternoon of December 9 at approximately 2:30 local time at the company, which is a vehicle lot located in Annistown at the intersection of Centerville Highway and Annistown Road. There has been no progress made in either the investigation into discovering who was responsible for the shooting or the search for the individual who is liable for the crime. Following the shooting, almost no information has been made public, and the location of the occurrence has never been disclosed to the general public at any stage.

Officials have stated in the past that when they arrived at the company, they learned that Owens had already passed away, and as a result, they were unable to even attend his burial service. This was due to the fact that they were unable to attend his funeral. This was because they arrived after Owens had already passed away before they could do anything for him. Due to the fact that this took place before the officials were able to attend the memorial service for Owens, they were unable to participate in the memorial service. “a witness described the individual as walking away from the area,” and the individual was alleged to have been seen by the police heading away from the scene of the crime. “a witness described the individual as walking away from the area.” According to the comments that were made public by the police on Friday, the suspect was characterized as “a person wearing a mask with a pistol leaving the area on foot.”