Dan Kreutzer Obituary, Dan Kreutzer has passed away unexpectedly

Dan Kreutzer Obituary, Death –  On the day that he passed away, which was on March 8, 2017, Daniel Walter Kreutzer, who had reached the age of 68 at the time of his passing, was able to spend his final moments at the Loyola Medical Center. Daniel Walter Kreutzer’s funeral was held at the Loyola Medical Center. On the day he passed away, he was able to enjoy his time there till the end. Daniel Walter Kreutzer passed away on March 8, 2017. Daniel Kreutzer was the loving spouse of Alva (who had previously been married to Warrington), the proud parent of Kimberly and Eric Kreutzer, and the cherished brother of Gary Kreutzer. Alva had previously been married to Warrington. Daniel Kreutzer passed away. Daniel Kreutzer was well-known for the unending love and devotion he had for his family as well as his commitment to them.

Warrington had already held the role of husband to Alva. They stopped interacting with one another at some point in time. It was Alva’s second marriage at the time she wed Warrington’s father, but she had already been married once before. Her first marriage did not last and they got divorced. When Warrington and Alva got married, Warrington was already performing the duties of a husband to Alva. They stopped talking to one another when a predetermined length of time had passed, and there was no going back. Throughout his entire life, Daniel was a lifelong and ardent supporter of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Hawks, and Chicago Bears. Daniel was an ardent supporter of all three of these teams, in addition to having served in the United States Army at one point in his life. He also was a veteran of the military.

Daniel’s time in the military was spent serving in the Army of the United States of America. In addition to that, he was an avid golfer and bowler who pursued both of these activities with the same level of zeal. In addition to that, he was a devoted sports fan in the most general sense that the term “sports fan” can possible be used to describe someone. On Friday, March 10, a visitation will be held at Grove Memorial Chapel, which is located in Elk Grove Village at 1199 S. Arlington Heights Road. The address of the facility is 1199 S. Arlington Heights Road. On Friday, the event in question will take place. The address of the business is 1199 S. Arlington Heights Road if you are interested in paying them a visit. This coming Friday is going to be the day that the event in question takes place.

Visitation is scheduled to begin at three in the afternoon and continue all the way up until eight o’clock in the evening. The timing of the event is subject to change. On Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m., there will be a prayer session held in the chapel. After that, the community will process to St. Julian Eymard Church for Mass at 10:00 a.m. on the same day.