Dan Leierwood Obituary, Dan Leierwood has passed away

Dan Leierwood Obituary, Death – Parkinson, Daniel our much-loved son and brother, Dan, ended his own life by taking his own life. Dan’s depression was well hidden, despite the fact that he suffered from it. He turned down all offers of assistance, shunned medical professionals and establishments, and instead sought solace in the natural world and in the activity of walking his dog. He was a brilliant shittalker, as well as an avid reader, a political activist, and a deep thinker. He had educated himself. His knowledge of the world was incredible, his insights were biting and acute, his heart was good, and he lived by a moral code that was genuine.

He had an unwavering commitment to his dog, his family, and his friends. Dan spent time maintaining his home in south Minneapolis in addition to his work in the construction of cement structures. Together with Avram, Greg, and Mina, we put in a significant amount of time transporting radiators, scraping, painting, rewiring, and replacing the roof. He appreciated “being occupied and not being broke.” Dan was a world traveler who left his stamp on the streets of Norway, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, and Mexico. He carried a backpack and rode a skateboard with him wherever he went.

In bands playing Punk, Death, and Metal in both Minneapolis and New Orleans, he was known as a beat-blast drummer. Dan courageously spoke out for justice, using his position on reality TV and TikTok to fight for Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matter and recognizing Native People. He also utilized his platform to fight against police brutality. Dan’s birth mother, Linda Parkinson, his grandfather, John Schakel, and his great-grandparents, Abe and Ida Kaufman and Phil and Helen Leier, all passed away before him. His mother and father, Mina and Greg Leierwood, his brother Avram and sister-in-law Grace, his grandmother Christine, his uncle Damon, his grandparents Frank and Raquel Wood and Bruce and Mary Jo Leier, their dog Louis, and a great number of other people, including his aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, miss him terribly. Dan, I will always and forever LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU. WE STAN DAN.