David Reid Obituary, Longtime Simpsonville, South Carolina Has Died

David Reid Obituary, Death – David Reid of Simpsonville, South Carolina has died. David will be fondly remembered by his children, Scott (Julia), Heather (Doug), and Stuart (Christine), as well as by his amazing grandchildren, Abbey, Stephanie, Jordan, Jack, Isabelle, Ben, and Elizabeth. There is a marriage between Scott and Julia, Heather and Doug, and Stuart and Christine. Stuart is married to Christine. Scott and Julia were his wives at the time, and they were his husbands. Elizabeth, who had been his wife for many years and had died before him in 2005, had also passed away. Her passing came after his.

Before moving to Edmonton, David Reid lived his first 16 years of life in Turner Valley, where he attended a reputable school and acquired a top-rate education. He was given the gift of life by his parents, Dorothy and Jock Reid Reid, who not only brought him into the world but also offered him the opportunity to live in the city of Calgary. In his early years, he made his home in the community of Port Radium, which is found in the Northwest Territories of Canada. He was there for a number of years. It was in the Northwest Territories that he first got married and started a family before moving to Edmonton and doing the same things there.

After having a fruitful career that spanned a significant amount of time with the Federal Government, he was able to retire at a point in his life when he was in a sound financial situation.
David found enjoyment in a wide variety of activities, such as drinking scotch, telling jokes, playing hockey and football, watching Seinfeld on television, going to the theater, traveling, attending church, mingling with his friends, and most importantly, spending time with his family. These were all activities that he enjoyed doing.