Diane Fitzgerald Obituary Haverhill Massachusetts, Diane Fitzgerald has passed away

Diane Fitzgerald Obituary, Death – Diane Fitzgerald, who had previously lived in Weston, Connecticut, passed away in Hampden, Massachusetts, surrounded by members of her devoted family. She had reached the age of 75. Diane was a lively lady who enjoyed having people over for a good time. She added her own creative spin to each holiday, turning it into a memorable occasion in the process. At gatherings, she was always the first person to suggest that the guests play charades and declare that game time had arrived. Everyone would grumble at first, but then they’d get into it and have fun with it. She was the youngest of three girls and grew up in Schenectady, New York as well as Bethpage, Long Island. She was born in the Bronx, New York, and her parents Harry and Rose Hecht were her parents.

She had a sense of adventure and decided to leave Bethpage to become a flight attendant with United Airlines. Her training took place in Chicago, but she was initially located in California. In the early years of their marriage, she and her husband did a lot of traveling together; nevertheless, the trip to Africa on which she took the most pictures was by far her favorite. Diane left her job with the airlines not long after the birth of her first son, and some years later she established a career in medical administration, working at offices in Fairfield, Westport, and Wilton, Connecticut, specializing in pediatrics, dentistry, and plastic surgery.

She was a caring mother and a trustworthy friend who cherished her family and the place she called home. Diane’s two boys, Keith, who is now the technological director of a successful internet firm, and Corey, who has had a career in both law and business, were the sources of the greatest pride in Diane’s life. Even after only one encounter, it would be impossible for anyone to forget the lovely personality she possessed. She will be remembered as being humorous and smart, as well as someone who cherished her friendships and sought to brighten the lives of those around her.

Diane had a passion for dogs, and she brought a stray dog into their home shortly after they were married, much to her husband’s chagrin because he was afraid of canines. He was able to go past his phobia. A passionate tennis player who was first introduced to the game by her father back when it was not quite as popular as it is today. She began her husband’s interest in the sport by instructing him on how to switch from swinging a baseball bat to a tennis racket.

Her parents, Harry and Rose Hecht, have passed away, and she follows in their footsteps (nee Curran). Diane had great pride in the fact that her family practiced religions of different faiths, since her father was Jewish and her mother was Catholic. Arden Courts Memory Care in Farmington, Connecticut, was where she spent some of her latter years. It was there that she met friends and received care from a staff that was loving. Her latter years were spent at a facility in Hampden, Massachusetts called Vantage, where she once more received loving care.

Diane is survived by her sister Eileen Armstrong, her husband Ed Fitzgerald, her sons Keith and Corey, both of whom are married to their respective daughters-in-law, and her grandsons Tom, Jack, Harry, and Brooks. Carole Snow, who was her sister, passed away before she did.