Dierdre Thomas Obituary,57-year-old Pedestrian Woman Struck Dead In A Deadly Metairie crash

Dierdre Thomas Obituary, Death – Dierdre Thomas, 57 years old, has been identified as the pedestrian who passed very abruptly after being struck by a vehicle on Power Boulevard in Metairie on Friday night, according to the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office. Thomas was found on Power Boulevard in Metairie. The occurrence was found to have taken place on Power Boulevard in Metairie. It was found that Dierdre Thomas had passed away at the location where the crime had taken place.

According to Detective Brandon Veal, a spokesperson for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Thomas was walking in the left lane of southbound traffic on Power Boulevard around the time it was 9 o’clock at night when she was struck by a vehicle that was traveling south on Power. This information was provided by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Thomas was sent to the hospital with injuries that were considered to be life-threatening. The intersection of 33rd Street and Power Boulevard that may be found in the area is depicted on this map. Due to the severity of her condition, it was concluded that she had sustained injuries that were fatal at the scene.

It was determined that she had acquired these injuries. According to the results of the inquiry that was carried out by the Coroner’s Office, the findings of an autopsy revealed that Thomas had died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. This was mentioned in the conclusions of the investigation. Due to the fact that they were unable to access the vehicle, the Sheriff’s Office was unable to determine who was behind the wheel of the automobile. Veal asserts that he instantly quit what he was doing and made an effort to help Thomas in any manner that he could.

According to the statements made by the Sheriff’s Office, the individual was not given a citation, and the detectives do not believe that he was impaired in any manner. Additionally, they do not believe that he was driving while under the influence of any substance. They assert that there was no accident involving the man in any way, shape, or form.