Edwin Bartosh Obituary, Man killed on Interstate 55 on east side of Springfield

Edwin Bartosh Obituary, Death – A guy from Springfield, Illinois, who was 48 years old and was pronounced deceased at the site of an accident on Friday night on Interstate 55 that produced a bottleneck in traffic driving north, was involved in the collision. The accident generated a backup of vehicles heading north. As a result of the accident, traffic in the direction of the northbound lanes became backed up. It appears that the accident was caused by a collision between two different autos. The catastrophe was brought about by a head-on collision involving two autos that were traveling in opposite directions at the same time.

Edwin Bartosh, 48, a citizen of Springfield, Illinois, was walking crossing the Cook Street overpass along the northbound lanes of Interstate 55 close to mile market 96 when he was struck by a car at 5:05 in the evening. He sustained fatal injuries as a result of the accident. Bartosh was pronounced dead at the location where the accident occurred. The Illinois State Police arrived at the scene shortly after getting a call informing them about the incident and immediately began their investigation. The Sangamon County Coroner’s Office came to the conclusion, following their inquiry, that the dead had passed away at the location where the accident occurred.

This was their finding after looking into the matter. In addition to this, it has been revitalized and given a second chance at life! The commencement of the activities that will take place tonight This year, Springfield will make its long-awaited return in its entirety, and in addition to that, there will be a diverse range of musical acts and pyrotechnic displays scheduled to take place. During that time period, the Illinois State Police were tasked with closing all of the lanes on Interstate 55 that ran northward. These lanes were to remain closed until further notice. In addition, during that same period, the Illinois 29 exit ramp that led directly onto the interstate was shut down for maintenance.

On Monday, an autopsy will be performed on the corpse of the individual who passed away in order to determine the reason (or reasons) for their demise. The autopsy will be performed on the body of the individual who passed away. In order to determine the circumstances surrounding Bartosh’s death, inquiries are being conducted by the Illinois State Police and the office of the coroner into the activities that took place in the time leading up to his passing. The goal of these inquiries is to establish how Bartosh came to his end.