Esmae Doucette Obituary, Esmae Doucette has passed away sadly

Esmae Doucette Obituary, Death – On December 2, 2022, Esmae Arabella Doucette died away without any discomfort to those around her. She was held in a space filled with love and light by her parents, five siblings, and grandmother who were all surrounding her. On February 25, 1999, Esmae was born at her family’s house in Jackson, New Hampshire. She was the fourth of six children in her family. She was a genuine kid of Jackson, enjoying activities such as swimming in the Wildcat and Ellis rivers, hiking, discovering the Nordic paths, and spending many lovely bluebird days skiing at Black Mountain. Imaginative and artistic, she had a vivid imagination. Her formative years were spent in a setting rich in natural splendor, which instilled in her a profound and unwavering dedication to the protection of the Earth’s wild regions and its natural resources.

She started her education at the Lilliputian Montessori Preschool, and then went on to the Jackson Grammar School, where she participated in sports like soccer and skiing, and acquired a passion for reading and telling stories. During these formative years, she forged indelible bonds of friendship with Nina, Abby, Logan, Eliza, and Ari that will last a lifetime. She spent a number of years being an active member of the Girl Scouts and the Bill Koch Youth Ski League. As a student graduating from the sixth grade, she was honored with the DAR Good Citizen award. Esmae spent her time away from home at Tin Mountain Camp and Camp Nokomis, both of which are located on Bear Island in Lake Winnipesaukee.

She then attended Josiah Bartlett Elementary School and Kennett High School, both of which are located in Kennett, and it was there that she made friends for life with Rachel and Jasmine. She was a member of the National Honor Society at that institution, where she also achieved academic success. Esmae was a member of Key Club International, where she was elected to the position of vice president of her class. She also served as the student council representative to the school board, where she worked with the board to improve the conditions at the school by collaborating on environmental issues. Esmae participated in multiple sports, including mountain biking, skiing, and soccer. She competed in Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, and ski jumping in order to tie with her friend for the title of Skimeister.

Esmae worked as a camp counselor for Tin Mountain Conservation Center in addition to holding jobs at the Dutch Bloemen Winkle in Jackson, Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Tuckerman’s Tavern in Intervale, the Red Fox Bar & Grille in Jackson, and the Moat Mountain Smokehouse. Esmae received her diploma a semester early and used the time between then and her graduation ceremony to work and have fun with her friends. She also went on an unforgettable trip to France with her French class. After she received her diploma, she took some time to reflect on her future and choose her objectives. She moved to Bath, Maine, for the summer so that she could be close to the water and take advantage of the opportunity to travel along the coast.

After that, she relocated to Savannah, Georgia, to be closer to her older sister Isabelle, and began an internship at the Tybee Island Marine Research Center during that period. Because Esmae enjoyed her responsibilities as a caregiver for the various organisms that lived there, she became even more determined to major in Marine Biology. She continued her education by attending Stony Brook University and Southern New Hampshire University after that. Always a voracious reader, Esmae was a regular patron of the three libraries that were located in the valley, and she was seldom without a good book. The majority of her leisure time was spent hiking the numerous routes and summiting the various peaks in our breathtaking White Mountains with her friends, sisters, and most cherished canine, Layla. Innumerable mornings, her parents would be enjoying their first cups of coffee as she would just be coming from a sunrise trek. Her cheeks would be flushed, and she would joyfully share her observations of the woods, mountains, and animals.

Anyone who had the good fortune to meet Esmae was immediately charmed by her contagious laugh and greeted with a wide smile that she always wore. She had a kind and generous personality, which she utilized to help people feel good about themselves. She was talented at putting other people at ease, and she had a gift for doing so. She showed her friends and siblings that she cared for them deeply and was fiercely protective of them by being there for them in both easy and challenging times. If you had the good fortune to be called her friend, the friendship would last a lifetime. She would frequently spend a lot of time laboriously producing handcrafted gifts for the people she cared about, which would be full of motivational quotes and intricately painted by her own hand. Esmae chose to be an organ donor as her ultimate act of kindness, selflessness, and love. As a result, she was able to bestow the gift of life upon three other people.

Esmae is survived by her loving parents, Sean and Heath Doucette of Jackson; her sisters, Charlotte Doucette of North Conway, N.H.; Madison Doucette of Intervale, N.H.; Isabelle Doucette of Intervale; Sabine Doucette of Jackson; and brother Stash Doucette of Jackson; as well as her grandmother Catherine Nash of Conway, N.H.; aunt and uncle Rachel and Brendan Moses; and cousins Julia and Owen Moses of Bar Harbor, Maine. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial contributions be made in Esmae’s name to the Tin Mountain Conservation Center, Starting Point Services, New England Donor Services, or an environmental conservation organization of your choosing.

On Saturday, December 17, we would like to invite you to join us in honoring the life of Esmae. A memorial ceremony will be held at the Jackson Community Church beginning at 2:00 p.m., and afterwards a celebration of life will be held at the Ledge Brewing Company in Intervale from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., with Riley Parkhurst performing on stage. In this gathering, we will share our memories and tales with one another, as well as laugh, cry, and remember the amazing spirit that Esmae possessed.

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