Ethan Hatfield Obituary, Man dead, woman injured in Lexington shooting

Ethan Hatfield Obituary, Death – According to court documents, the residence in Lexington where a fatal shooting occurred Thursday was also the location of a savage assault on a drug “mule” in 2017. The mansion in question was valued at multiple millions of dollars. According to the police and the Fayette County Coroner’s Office, Ethan Hatfield, age 26, passed away on Thursday as the result of a gunshot wound. As the investigation into Hatfield’s death continues, the details surrounding his passing were not immediately made public.

According to the court records, Hatfield, who is the son of a Chevrolet dealer named Rod Hatfield, was one of four individuals that were found guilty of assaulting a drug “mule” in 2017 when they were collaborating with that individual to traffic marijuana. Both occurrences took place in the residence that is located on the 4900 block of McAtee Lane, which is one of the most expensive residences in Lexington. According to public municipal and state land and business documents, Rodney B. Hatfield was the leader of a limited liability corporation that was identified as the owner of the residence. This corporation was a limited liability corporation.

In the incident that occurred in 2017, the men beat the victim after he told them that Kansas law enforcement had taken marijuana from him during a traffic check. According to the court documents, he informed them he was helping the authorities and collaborating with their investigation; nevertheless, the four suspects did not believe him and said they were attacking him in an effort to compel him to speak the truth.

According to the documents from the court, the perpetrators forced the victim to disrobe before robbing and beating him at gunpoint. According to the accounts that were revealed in the court record, he was subjected to intimidation and was told that he would have his face blown off and that he and his family would be murdered. He was assaulted with pliers, a hammer, and a gun stock, compelled to strip naked, forced to snort a Xanax pill, and robbed at gunpoint. All of these acts were carried out against him.

According to the court records, both Hatfield and another suspect, Zachary Costin, were members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity while they were students at the University of Kentucky. After pleading guilty to the charges of felony theft, unlawful imprisonment, and misdemeanor assault, Hatfield, who was only 21 years old at the time of his conviction, was given a prison sentence of five years in May of 2018. He had been convicted of all three charges.

Hatfield reportedly stated in front of Fayette Circuit Judge Thomas Travis in court at the time, “I’m entirely and fully conscious of the heinousness of this crime.” Every single day, this situation fills me with a never-ending sense of regret and remorse. Before turning himself in to the correctional facility on May 23, 2018, Hatfield, who had transferred to Transylvania University, was granted permission to sit for his final exams during the spring 2018 term.

After a number of months had passed since the four guys had been convicted, Fayette Circuit Judge Thomas Travis granted shock probation to all of the offenders. The attorneys for the four defendants stated in court documents that their clients were contrite, that they desired to complete their study and/or return to their families, and that there was a low probability that they would commit another criminal offense in the future.

The four individuals were required to perform 15 hours of community service per year, give up all weapons, and stay away from the person who had been the subject of the crime for which they were released. According to the documents filed in the case, the four individuals did not face any additional criminal charges in Kentucky following the conclusion of the investigation.