Francis Pescatore Obituary, Asbury Park NJ man,75, died in car crash

Francis┬áPescatore Obituary, Death – Francis Pescatore, 75 of Asbury Park, New Jersey died in a car crash in the southbound express lanes of the Garden State Parkway on Friday, December 10, 2022. It was reported to Trooper Charles Marchan that Francis was driving an Infiniti in the area near to mile post 117.5, which is in the state of Virginia and can be found on the interstate. Francis was gracious enough to give us a copy of the document to review.

According to Marchan, “the vehicle crashed with the guardrail on the right, then drove off the road to the left, struck with the guardrail, and then proceeded to smash down an embankment while going through a draining culvert.” “As a direct result of the incident, the driver was injured, and doctors believe that the driver’s injuries put him at a great risk of passing away,” According to Marchan, the first state troopers to arrive at the scene of the accident on Friday were there at approximately 1:11 p.m. They were there to investigate the crash that had just occurred.

According to him, there was no fresh information that was available as of the evening of Friday, which is when the inquiry into the incident was initially began. Moreover, he stated that this was the case despite the fact that the investigation had been ongoing since Friday. In addition to that, he noted that the probe was still active at this time. Because this is the time period in which the inquiry was carried out, referring to it in this manner is the most accurate approach to talk about it.