Jacquelyn Schaaf Obituary, Jacquelyn Schaaf has passed away unexpectedly

Jacquelyn Schaaf Death – Jacquelyn Schaaf Starting on the 9th of December 1930 and going all the way through to the 8th of October 2022 inclusively An incorporated community may be found in the state of Washington, which is home to Silverdale, which can be found in the United States. After a protracted and grueling battle against cancer, Jacquelyn Schaaf lost her battle with the disease on October 8, 2022. She had been struggling against the illness for quite a few years at that point. When her husband, George Schaaf, passed away in 2019, the couple had been married for a cumulative total of 64 years, which represented a significant milestone in the course of their relationship. The deceased couple is survived by their children: daughters Lori (Dwight) Wolf and Diana (Harvey) Lau of Modesto, California, and Poulsbo, Washington; son Michael (Patty) Schaaf of Poulsbo, Washington; and seven grandchildren:

Daniela, Dakota, Lorraine, Jack, Cassandra, Katelee, and Spencer; four great grandchildren: Kinslee, Kian, Kyla, and Adaline; in addition to her brother Orr Her cherished honorary family members, Jacquie’s Uncle Frank and Aunt Marion Larson, as well as her parents, her husband George, and both sets of Jacquie’s grandparents, all passed away before she died. Jacquie was the last surviving member of her family. Jacquie was the only member of her family still alive at the time. In addition to Jacquie’s maternal and paternal grandparents, Jacquie’s spouse, George, and both sets of Jacquie’s paternal and maternal grandparents all died before she did.

At the time of her dying, Jacquie was a married lady, and her husband, whose name at the time was George, had taken Jacquie’s maiden name. Her cherished grandkids, in addition to the many other people who valued her company and presence, fondly referred to her as “Nonnie.” Her presence was treasured by a large number of folks. A sizeable number of individuals expressed that they found it really pleasurable to be in her company. On the day of the deceased person’s passing, a memorial service consisting of a private funeral and burial was held in the Tahoma National Cemetery in the state of Washington.

In 2023, there will be a gathering held in the early part of spring in order to celebrate the life of the person who recently died away and pay tribute to their memory. If you go to the website of the Lewis Funeral Home, you will be able to see the full form of her obituary, and you are more than welcome to read it in its entirety if that is what you decide to do.