Jaye Hersh Obituary, Ojai California Jaye Hersh Has Passed Away

Jaye Hersh Obituary, Death – With a heavy burden in my heart Janelle Nordberg This morning at 3:45, Jaye Hersh took her own life and ended her suffering. She had been enduring recent struggles with her health, which ultimately led to the conclusion of her life. Kelsey Hersh, a devoted daughter, is the one who penned these heartfelt words about her mother. Jaye was not only Sam’s eldest daughter but also my stepdaughter. She was also my daughter-in-law. No matter where she goes, the power of her music and the way she lives her life will connect her with a large number of people, and these connections will cause them to miss her.

From the lips of Kelsey Hersh Carlson: There really wasn’t anyone else on the planet who could compare to my mother. She was so kind, so rich in aesthetically pleasing contradictions, and so brimming with life. She had such a vibrant personality. I was able to observe her as she shared her life, her talents, and her home with a significant number of you, and she did so in an unselfish and thoughtful manner when she contributed her time and effort. There was always vacant real estate available. Her communities were everything to her, and I’ve never seen anyone give more than she did, whether it be of their time, their energy, or their possessions. Her communities were everything to her.

Her communities were everything to her. Her relationships within the community meant the world to her. You, as she did, had full ownership of everything, including the business.
She was overcome with emotion whenever she tried to convey how proud she was of her class. She cherished the times when she was able to sit and listen to your voices, the lessons she was able to teach you about how each of you had a special talent to offer the world, the sight of you bringing music into the world, and the reassurance that you were safe. She cherished all of these things. I can assure you that she did not stop talking about you even once throughout the entire conversation.

I would like to show my appreciation to everyone who loved her and cared for her in return. She was able to lead an abundant and happy life because of you, and she was able to spend her days doing exactly what it was that she desired to do.