Julie Minogue Obituary, GoFundMe has opened for Julie Minogue

Julie Minogue Obituary, Death – We would want to take this opportunity, on behalf of our entire family, to share how moved and thankful we are by the outpouring of support for Julie’s sons. We would like to take this opportunity to convey how moved and grateful we are by the outpouring of love for Julie’s boys. This week, we will say our final goodbyes to our daughter, sister, and friend, while Julie’s three sons will have to deal with the virtually insurmountable challenge of going on with their lives after the loss of their mother. We will be saying our final goodbyes to our daughter, sister, and friend this coming week.

The love and generosity exhibited by so many individuals, both friends and strangers alike, has offered comfort and validated Julie’s great life and spirit. This has been possible thanks to the outpouring of support from so many different people. In spite of the gravity of our loss, the outpouring of love and support has supplied us with the motivation and inspiration that we so desperately required.

On December 6th, my wonderful younger sister, Julie, was taken from this world in the most heartless and terrible way that was imaginable. She was a victim of domestic violence, and she made numerous attempts to shield herself, her children, and other members of her household from the violence perpetrated by her abusive boyfriend. Julie was the only person who looked after her children for the vast majority of the time that she was a mother, making up the vast majority of those years. Despite the pressures of her full-time profession, she was able to keep a loving and gracious relationship with both of her sons. Nicholas, Shaun, and Luke are dealing with the aftermath of their mother’s untimely death, which was brought on by an unforeseen illness.

We would be really grateful for any aid that you could give to these three remarkable young men, although we understand that this may not be possible. Nicholas is a member of the Coast Guard and is currently serving our country in that capacity. Shaun is a senior in high school, and Luke, who is three years old and very active, is the youngest of the three. All three of Shaun, Nicholas, and Luke call the same house their home.