Latham Dennis Obituary, Owner of popular Eastern North Carolina restaurant dies

Latham Dennis Obituary, Death – This is Latham’s interpretation of the word “Bum.” A short while ago, Dennis, who had been the founder of Bum’s Restaurant in Ayden in addition to being the current owner and operator of the business, passed suddenly. Dennis continues to be the proprietor of Bum’s Restaurant and run it. It was in the year 1963 when he first started setting the groundwork for what would one day become the Ayden restaurant, which was renowned for its barbecue throughout the entirety of the state of North Carolina. It was the fact that he roasted the pig over an open wood fire as part of his barbecue technique that helped put his company on the map.

Customers kept coming back for more of the delectable delicacies that were offered at different times of the day (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner). It is a widely held belief that Latham’s mother was at a loss for an appropriate name for her son when he was born, and that she ultimately settled on the name Latham as a solution to her dilemma. This is where the urban legend that has been told from generation to generation all started. After a few weeks had passed, an article that was published in Our State Magazine remarked that people had begun to say, “He needs a name. Even in our modern day and age, the ancient saying that “A guy without a name will grow up to be a bum” continues to hold true. An urban narrative started to take form.

On a daily basis, Dennis would start his day by getting up early to assist in the preparation of the barbeque by chopping wood, and then he would help cook breakfast. With addition to that, he assisted in the preparation of lunch and dinner for his family. In addition to that, Dennis was the person who was in responsibility of keeping the property in good condition. Even the collard greens and potatoes that were brought over came from his very own garden, where he had cultivated them. He was the sole person who could be held responsible for the production of those products. They continued to eat at the restaurant on a regular basis, or at least very near to a daily basis, despite the fact that both he and his wife, Shirley, were now in their retirement years. As soon as the company learned of his loss, they expressed their sorrow by penning a note of sympathy and posting it on the Bum’s Restaurant Facebook page. This was their way of paying their respects.