Luke Simpson Obituary Rockport MA, Luke Simpson has passed away in a car accident

Luke Simpson Obituary, Death – After the last day of classes for the semester, four students from Maine Maritime Academy were driving a sport utility vehicle when it collided with a tree and caught fire just after midnight on Saturday, according to the authorities. The incident occurred after the students had finished their classes for the semester. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts was home to two of the students who tragically passed away. The driver of the vehicle and two other passengers, both of whom were students, were able to escape the fiery crash that took place in Castine and was taken to local hospitals after the incident, as stated by Shannon Moss, the spokesperson for the state police, who was also present during the incident.

“Our entire community is in grief for the loss of these young lives and for the families of those who passed away as a result of this tragedy. In spite of the fact that members of our student body have experienced the loss of loved ones, tonight there are four families who have suffered the tragic loss of a child.” The following is a comment that was made by Jerry Paul, President of Maine Maritime Academy, in a statement that was released in the evening.

The crash that took place soon after 2:00 in the morning caused the closure of Shore Road for a period of over eight hours. The state police were the ones in charge of conducting the inquiry. Joshua Goncalves-Radding, 20, a resident of North Babylon, New York, was identified as the driver of the 2013 Range Rover that was transporting the seven students, as stated by the authorities. Dominick Gecoya, age 20, from Middleton, Massachusetts, and Noelle Tavares, age 20, from North Falmouth, Massachusetts, have been identified as the other two survivors. Both are from the state of Massachusetts.

The victims have been identified as Brian Kenealy, age 20, of York, Maine; Chase Fossett, age 21 of Gardiner, Maine; Luke Simpson, age 22 of Rockport, Massachusetts; and Riley Ignacio-Cameron, age 20 of Aquinnah, Massachusetts. All of the victims were residents of Maine. The office of the state medical examiner was responsible for determining the identities of these people.