Maria Mora Obituary, Orange County mother killed by a stray bullet

Maria Mora Obituary, Death – On December 4, a mother from Orange County was murdered by a stray bullet that was fired during an alleged drive-by shooting in Santa Ana. The shooting took place in Santa Ana. The death of a family member has caused the members of the family to enter a state of mourning. The victim, who has been identified as Maria Del Refugio Mora and is 36 years old, was only a bystander when the crime took place. The incident was witnessed by Maria Del Refugio Mora. When the video from the CCTV camera was played again, it showed that Mora was struck by a gunshot as she exited a convenience shop shortly after the incident was captured on film. The time was approximately 4:30 in the afternoon.

Officers responded to a call in the wee hours of the morning on December 4 concerning a woman who had been shot in the 1400 block of South Cypress Street. The woman had been reported as having been injured. After receiving medical assistance at the site from the Orange County Fire Authority, Mora was transported to the hospital in an extremely critical condition. Her condition was described as “very serious.” The footage from the surveillance cameras shows that a white car pulled up close to the plaza with the goal of pursuing two teenagers. Fortunately, the children were able to flee the location and were not injured in the process.

The authorities are looking for the individuals who participated in the event, and they are requesting that members of the general public come forward if they have any knowledge on what took place. An account on GoFundMe has been set up in the hopes of providing the family with the assistance they require in achieving their monetary commitments. During a press conference, Mora’s husband claimed that he saw his wife grin at him as she was leaving the store, and that immediately after that, he heard her scream. He said that this was the only time he saw her smile at him. The events were being recounted by Mora’s spouse at the time.

When he reached that place, he realized that she had been shot at that very moment. According to a statement made by the news organization, she passed away on Friday. The mother of three children was on her way to meet her husband and one of their other children as they were leaving a pizza restaurant. The family had been there for dinner. The family is said to have stopped briefly to have something to eat before continuing on their way to the church, as stated in the police report. Additionally present was the couple’s youngest child, who currently has three years under his or her belt.