Matt Mattox Obituary, Virginia, Senior vice-president at The Martin Agency has died

Matt Mattox Obituary, Death – Matt Mattox of Richmond, Virginia has passed away. Matt was a senior vice-president at The Martin Agency. He studied at University of Richmond. According to a post on Facebook; The loss of my friend Matt Mattox has crushed me. I’ve been mourning the injustice and cruelty of it all while listening to his favorite music, compiling a list in my head of all the reasons why Matt’s death is the saddest of all the deaths, and generally regretting it all. Then I talked to Jordi. He also gave me a laugh. Remember that Matt would have liked whatever crass joke you put forth in the depths of your anguish, he continued.

It gave me access to something. I remembered what made Matt my friend. not because he was an excellent son, father, or environmentalist (almost annoyingly, but not quite). It’s because Matt is the type of person who would laugh with you at a funeral. Matt would be the one to laugh with you about how long to wait before asking the deceased for their books back. Matt would laugh the most if he learned the insider scoop from the mortician. I searched through my phone but couldn’t find any images of Matt. He was one of ten people who were invited to an outdoor joint 40th birthday party that my husband and I planned for 2020, but we didn’t take any photos. The party was extremely secretive, socially irresponsible, but also socially distant.

While everyone was still reading their memory scrolls, I checked my texts with Matt. I laughed out loud when reading our conversations, so I chose to share a few of the funniest ones as a tiny tribute to him. These texts are TOTALLY inappropriate for public consumption because they were clearly sent to Matt. Certain to insult that member of the family, that set of people, or perhaps even the memory of a particular family dog. Therefore, as I prepare to respect Matt’s memory without using any kind of relic, I aim to include Matt’s perspective on life. To chuckle where I expect him to chuckle, to mmm-hmm when I anticipate him doing so, to roll my eyes or shake my head when I anticipate him doing so. Despite the fact that I’ve shed a lot of tears this week, if you catch me laughing this week (please give me a chance), Matt will definitely get the joke.