Matt Zelasney Obituary, La Vista Nebraska Matt Zelasney Has Passed Away

Matt Zelasney Obituary, Death – When Matt Zelasney passed away on August 12, 2022, he had lived in Council Bluffs for the previous year and was 26 years old. It was on that day that he passed away. When their son Hunter was born in Omaha, Nebraska on October 27, 1995, proud parents Jeffrey and Denise (Woods) Dehaai were overjoyed to share the news with family and friends. When he was nine years old, he began helping out at his grandparents’ hot dog stand, which they called “The Dog House.” The area surrounding Bayliss Park and the park itself served as the stand’s location. Up until very recently, he held the position of Kitchen Manager at both Jonesy’s Southside and Jonesy’s Corner. It was only a few days ago when he finished up his last day of work.

Hunter was a young man who lived life to the fullest, but he possessed the wisdom of an old man, and he treasured the time he spent with those who were much more seasoned than he was. In spite of his youth, he had the experience and insight of a much more seasoned person. He had a well-deserved reputation for being approachable among the locals of Bayliss Park. He did this out of sincere concern for the welfare of other people. His great-grandparents, Shirley and Charlie Jones, with whom he had a close relationship, as well as his great-grandma, Wanda Ellerbeck, all passed away before Hunter was born. Hunter’s grandfathers, Tom Fennell in 2012 and Jerry Dehaai in 2003, were the first members of his family to pass away. Joe and Ruthie Larsen, as well as his great-grandmother Wanda Ellerbeck, all passed away before he was born.

Jeffrey Dehaai, Hunter’s father, was the first person to pass away when the attack occurred. He was the initial victim to pass away. Denise “Deedee” Summer, whose husband he was married to, his brother Tanner Dehaai, his sister Chloe Larsen and her father Joe, his grandparents Bob and Sue Woods of Council Bluffs and Dick and Jean Preston of Omaha, as well as a large number of friends, are among those who will carry on without him. His grandfather and grandmother, Bob and Sue Larsen, as well as Chloe’s father, Joe, are his grandparents. Without Hunter, the holidays will never be the same.