Michael Tasse Obituary, FL , Tattoo Artist leesburg Has Passed Away

Michael Tasse Obituary, Death – This information was brought to my attention by someone the day before yesterday, which was the day before yesterday. Even though it was a fact, it was difficult to acknowledge that as a given despite the fact that it was correct. It took me some time before I realized that the other person and I were actually having a conversation with one another; during that period of time, I believed that we were just talking to ourselves in our heads. I had the impression that all we were doing was chatting at that point. Mike and I both spent our childhoods in a white house on Vine Street in Leesburg, and that house was shared by both of us. Additionally, it is the place where the history of our family can be traced back to, going back many, many decades.

Those of you who are familiar with the topic that I’m going to talk about and have a solid understanding of it… This was a significant amount of time prior to when anyone had even entertained the idea of getting a tattoo on their body in any way, shape, or form. At this point in time, no one had even considered getting a tattoo. Currently just chilling out with a few of my closest friends while listening to some Orlando Brake Beats. Even though Mike was an incredible DJ, the vast majority of people were never able to see him in action behind the turntables. This is unfortunate because Mike’s sets were always packed.

In spite of the fact that Mike was a turntablist, this is the result. It is a privilege to be able to call you a friend, and because our histories are intertwined, I will flaunt all of my tattoos with a sense of confidence because of our connection. It is an honor to be able to call you a friend. On the other hand, my dear old friend, I will never get over the fact that I will never see you again. That is something that I will never be able to get over. This will forever leave me with a broken heart. You left your mark man! Because you are aware of this fact, there is no reason for you to feel concerned that anyone, at any time, will forget about you.