Mikaela Fuentes Obituary, Vancouver, British Columbia Woman Died In Car Accident

Mikaela Fuentes Obituary, Death – Mikaela Fuentes of Vancouver British Columbia died in a fatal car accident. On December 2nd, Mikaela was brought into this world by her parents, Matthew Fuentes and Ann McGowan. The city of Minneapolis served as the location where Mikaela’s birth took place. Her formative years were spent in the Princeton area, and she had her secondary education at Princeton High School, both of which are situated in the same physical location. She spent the majority of her childhood there. Mikaela worked as a barista at Caribou, which was also her most recent place of employment and her most recent place of employment.

It was very important to her to spend quality time with her two children, Braelyn and Betty, and one of her favorite things to do with them was to take them to the park. One of her other favorite things to do with her children was to read to them. Mikaela was well-known not just for her artistic ability but also for the fact that she derived a great deal of pleasure from drawing, painting, and getting tattoos. Her artistic ability was just one aspect of her reputation. In addition to this, she held a solid standing in the community of artists. Agate collecting was yet another one of her numerous interests, and she spent a lot of time looking for them both close to her home and further up the North Shore.

Everyone who ever knew Mikaela will remember her most for the many roles that she performed in their lives, including those of mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, and friend. These are the roles that everyone will remember Mikaela for the most. This is the mark that she will leave on the world in the future. Mikaela is survived by her daughters, Braelyn Jackman and Betty Atterbury; parents, Matthew (Jennifer) Fuentes and Ann McGowan; step-brothers and step-sisters; grandparents, Allan and Lila Fuentes and Patricia and Michael Kuriatnyk; great-grandmother, Evelyn Larson; and other aunts, uncles, relatives, and friends. Braelyn Jackman and Betty Atterbury are both There is a link that exists between Braelyn Jackman and Betty Atterbury. Both Braelyn Jackman and Betty Atterbury share the same connection.