Sergio Guerrero Obituary, Sergio Guerrero has passed away unexpectedly

Sergio Guerrero Obituary, Death – We are at a loss for appropriate words to completely convey how heartbroken we are to learn of the demise of Sergio Guerrero, who was not only our friend but also our installer. Sergio was not only a friend to us but also someone who worked on our computer system. Sergio was one of the people who assisted us in putting together our computer system. Sergio was a part of the crew that was putting in our system and he helped out a lot. We would like for his family and loved ones to know how sorry we are for their loss as well as how sorry we are that they are having to go through such a difficult ordeal as this. On the very first day of the month of February in 2019, Sergio began his employment with CIR for the very first time in the capacity of a first period employee.

He was a very hard worker from the very beginning, going above and beyond on a consistent basis, and as a direct result of these behaviors, he advanced through the ranks quite rapidly. He went above and beyond on a consistent basis. On a regular basis, he went above and beyond what was expected of him. He had finished all of his examinations not too long ago, and now he was getting set to progress to the Journeyman level in his job. He had a remarkable amount of success in each and every test that he had ever participated in. Even though he was looking forward to beginning work on all of his projects, the Clippers Arena was the one that he was looking forward to working on the most. It couldn’t come soon enough for him to get started on it.

Above all things, he was a great representation of the human race; he never stopped having a positive attitude on life, and he always had a smile on his face. Once one had the opportunity to get to know Sergio, it was impossible not to fall in love with him. It was impossible to avoid falling in love with Sergio. No matter how much time passes, none of us will ever be able to forget about him no matter how much we will all miss him dreadfully. We will all always remember him. The only person who will be able to remember Sergio is his niece, Lida Guerrero, who is currently 19 years old. She is the only member of Sergio’s family that is still alive today. Through the creation of a memorial page on GoFundMe in her father’s honor and the dedication of that page to her father’s memory, she is assisting her family in affording the expenditures associated with her father’s burial: