Steven Holscher Obituary, 54-year-old Simpsonville Victim I.D In Easley Deadly Crash By Coroner Officer

Steven Holscher Obituary, Death -The Pickens County Coroner’s Office has made the identity of the person who passed away as a result of an accident that took place in Easley early on Monday morning available to the general public. The accident resulted in the victim’s vehicle colliding with another vehicle. The guy tragically passed away as a direct consequence of the accident. The victim ultimately succumbed to their injuries and passed died as a direct result of the occurrence. The occurrence took place on Monday, which was the day of the week that day of the week was. An collision that took place on Highway 123 in the city of Easley is currently the subject of investigations by both the Easley Police Department and the Pickens County Coroner’s Office.

Both agencies are looking into the incident. The accident was responsible for the passing away of at least one individual. At the present time, each of these inquiries is being carried out independently from the others. The event started at nine in the morning and took place along Highway 123, not too far away from South Fifth Street and rather near to the point where the highway meets the city. When everything started to go wrong, it was close to nine o’clock in the morning at the moment. The time was somewhere in the region of that number. The Simpsonville resident Steven Holscher had reached the age of 54 at the time of his passing, as determined by the findings of the Coroner’s Office, which was able to determine the identity of the person who had passed away.

The Coroner’s Office was able to make this determination after it was able to determine the identity of the person who had passed away. It was discovered that the deceased person was a guy and that he had been a man. At this time, the Pickens County Coroner’s Office and the Easley Police Department are working together to investigate the earlier collision that took place. The investigation is looking into what caused the collision. This article will be updated to add newly discovered information as soon as it is practically practicable to do so after the appropriate authorities make that information available to the public. This update will take place once the relevant authorities make the information available to the public.