Zach Soussa Obituary, Philadelphia PA Car Accident killed U.S. Navy Quartermaster

Zach Soussa Obituary, Death – Zach Soussa of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has tragically passed away in a fatal car accident. Zach was a Quartermaster at United States Navy. He was a graduate of Archbishop Ryan High School. Zach lived in Norfolk, Virginia. We learn of Zach Soussa’s death through a post o Facebook; Wheww.. This is a difficult one to write… In the Navy, or in life in general, you meet people who are really protective and touch your heart! My Junior Sailors are my babies!! And I really mean it!! I show them harsh love by raising my voice (sometimes), but I also show them that I care by baking them cupcakes, and they know they can ALWAYS come to me WHENEVER!

Zach Soussa I recall you checking in on board!! Your red curly hair makes you happy!! We didn’t trust you when you said you used to have long hair. Until you showed us your identification.  Then you were given the nickname “Big Red” right away!! You adored the New York Giants, Philly, and I always called you smacked. You were the epitome of a hard worker, always willing to pitch in wherever you could. We mapped you to third, and your expression was amazing!! You first started calling me “Momma Clark,” and it just stuck. You departed America just as our home port changed to Japan! I’ll never forget what we talked about!! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANK YOU!

Thank you for being present at the right place and right time! You have no idea how appreciative I am for your friendship!! I’m going to miss you!! Your family at Navigation will miss you! I’m going to miss viewing your Snapchat history videos!! Continue to watch down on us as we travel through this life!! Bud, I’ll see you later!! Take it easy. Oh my gosh. What occurred? He arrived at Naval Base San Diego and began working in my CMAA section. We mapped him to QM2 shortly before he transferred, which was awesome. Strength and healing prayers