Alice Barefoot Obituary, 81-year-old Woman Struck Dead By A Train In Benson

Alice Barefoot Obituary, Death – It has been found that the passenger who was on board the Amtrak train that was involved in the deadly train accident that took place in Benson on Monday was a female. The event resulted in the death of one of the passengers on board the train. A collision between two trains was the root cause of the terrible event. As a consequence of the incident, the life of one of the individuals who was traveling on the train at the time it took place was tragically cut short. The collision that took place between the two trains that were going in opposing directions resulted in the death of at least one person. Both trains had been moving at high speeds.

Around four in the afternoon, there was a tragic tragedy that took place in Benson, which involved a person being struck and killed by a train. The event took place in the neighborhood close to where Railroad Street and Market Street converge in the vicinity of the region. We do not at this moment have any information regarding the location of the event that occurred. There is a paucity of information that can be used to locate exactly where the event took place, and hence it is not possible to do so. Officers with the Benson Police Department have confirmed to WRAL News that 81-year-old Alice Anne Barefoot passed unexpectedly as a direct result of the collision in which she was involved.

This information was provided to WRAL News by the Benson Police Department. Because the investigators have carried out their investigation, they have come to the realization that it is possible that the woman had some previous health issues that contributed to the occurrence of the incident. This realization was brought about as a result of the fact that the investigators have carried out their investigation. As a result of carrying out their inquiry, the investigators have arrived at this verdict as a consequence of the fact that they have done so. According to Greg Percy, who is the Chief of Police for the Benson Police Department, the event that took place was most likely a “tragic accident.” This is what Percy had to say about the situation. [Further citation is required] The following is what Percy had to say in response to the dilemma that they were in.