Amy Anderson Obituary Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, Amy Anderson shot to death

Amy Anderson Obituary, Death – Officers Branden Estorffe (23 years old) and Steven Robin (34 years old) of the Bay St. Louis Police Department responded to a report for a welfare check at the Motel 6 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, located at 1003 Highway 90 at approximately 4:30 in the morning. Upon their arrival, the two officers came face to face with a female suspect, identified as Amy Anderson, who was sitting in a parked vehicle with a younger girl. Anderson’s age was given as 43.

Anderson fired a weapon from inside the vehicle, striking both police after they had been engaged in conversation with him for close to a quarter of an hour, during which time a resource from child protective services was summoned. Officer Robin passed away at the scene of the incident, and Officer Estorffe passed away a short while later as a result of the injuries he sustained. Anderson was shot in the chest, which ultimately led to her death at the scene of the crime.

“I am utterly devastated by the news of the tragic deaths of two courageous law enforcement officers. “I am praying for their family, friends, fellow cops, and the entire town of Bay St. Louis,” stated Governor Tate Reeves. “May God bless them all.” Every single day, all across the state of Mississippi, our law enforcement officers put their lives in danger by performing constant and recurring acts of selfless sacrifice for the sake of the communities they serve. They are one of the primary reasons why the rest of us are able to live our lives without restriction and in complete freedom. They represent the very end of the line.”

“This is a very tragic circumstance, and our greatest thoughts and condolences go out to the families of our deceased officers,” said Mayor Mike Favre of Bay St. Louis. “We are grateful for the service and sacrifice of our officers.” “During this difficult time, we ask that you pray for the City of Bay St. Louis, the Bay St. Louis Police Department, and their families and that you keep them in your thoughts throughout the following days and weeks.”

Toby Schwartz, the chief of police in Bay St. Louis, stated that “a tragedy occurred here today in the city of Bay St. Louis in which the lives of two of our finest policemen were taken.” “A complete inquiry into this incident will be ensured once we have gathered all of the relevant facts,”
An inquiry into this matter is still active and currently being carried out. After the conclusion of this investigation, further particulars will be disclosed to the general public.