Andrew Combs Obituary, Westside Gas Station Robbery Turns Deadly

Andrew Combs Obituary, Death – On Wednesday, just about one minute before the stroke of midnight, a failed robbery attempt at a gas station on the west side resulted in fatalities. Officers from the Columbus Police Department responded to reports of gunshots fired on Tuesday night around 11:59 p.m. at a Sunoco gas station located in the Hilltop near the junction of West Broad Street and Harris Avenue. One person, named by the authorities as 21-year-old Andrew Combs, was shot as a result of a fight that began as an attempted robbery on the part of one of the parties.

The officers found Combs with obvious wounds on him when they found him. He was taken to Grant Medical Center for further treatment after initially receiving medical attention at the scene from medics with the Columbus Fire Department. The passing of Sean Combs was made publically acknowledged at 12:56 in the morning. After spending more than eight hours at the scene, the investigation team came to the conclusion that the altercation began inside the gas station but later moved outside in front of the building. This was the conclusion reached after the team spent more than eight hours at the scene. When the suspect fled the scene before they could be spotted escape, it is unknown what they took with them.

The police have stated that surveillance video footage will be made available in the near future to assist in identifying the individual or individuals responsible; however, there is no information on a suspect, who is still at large. Although there are security cameras outside of the gas station, the police have stated that surveillance video footage will be made available in the near future.
The incident occurred at the same Sunoco station as an earlier shooting in August, in which a young child of 13 years old was wounded in the face. In that prior incident, the child was shot in the face. The intersection of West Broad and Harris is still closed at this time, and the Chicago Police Department requests that the general public remain away from the area.