Bernard Fox Obituary, Bernard Fox Has Passed Away

Bernard Fox Obituary, Death – The final chapter of Bernard Fox’s life has been written. The passing of this character on “Bewitched” was, in my opinion, the show’s most heartbreaking moment, even more so than when Liz died in 1995. I had the utmost respect for Mr. Fox, and I continue to have the utmost respect for his family. There were 19 different episodes in which Mr. Fox made an appearance. He made his debut in the second season episode “Disappearing Samantha,” in which he played the role of Osgood Rightmeyer, a witch hunter. His other roles involved him playing the part of Dr. Bombay. My absolute top pick for my favorite male character in the series is unquestionably the doctor.

Both in the television series Tabitha and in the NBC daytime soap opera Passions, he played the role of Dr. Bombay on two separate occasions. Mr. Fox had a reoccurring role as Malcom Merriweather on “The Andy Griffith Show,” and he was a regular on “Hogan’s Heroes” as Colonel Crittendon, which was his favorite role to play. Mr. Fox passed away in 2002. In addition to that, he had roles in the movies “Titanic” (1953) and “A Night to Remember” (1958). (1997, both about the Titanic). I am thankful that over the years I have had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with him and his family. I used to go by the screen name “Dr. Bombay” back in the early days of the internet when everyone still used screen names.

After his passing, Bernie Kopell, who appeared in multiple roles, including that of the Apothecary, and Nancy Kovak are the only two adult cast members who are still alive (who played Sheila Sommers and Clio Vanita). Erin and Diane Murphy (Tabitha), David and Greg Lawrence (Adam), and David and Greg Lawrence (Adam) are the only members of the regular cast that are still present (Tabitha). Mr. Fox, farewell!