Chance Naylor Obituary, Teen Killed In McKeesport store shooting

Chance Naylor Obituary, Death – Two teenagers were injured in a shooting that took place on Tuesday in McKeesport; one of them was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other is currently in serious condition. According to the reports received by 911, emergency services were sent to the 3400 block of Versailles Avenue in Allegheny County at approximately 3:35 pm. Outside of the convenience store, the first responders found two male teenagers who had been shot and were suffering from the effects of their wounds. Both individuals sustained gunshot wounds. Both of the youngsters were sent to local hospitals, but unfortunately, the prognosis for one of them was not optimistic at all.

Chance Naylor, who was 16 years old at the time of his death, has been identified as the deceased youngster, according to the announcement made by the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office on Wednesday morning. The investigation is still being conducted by detectives from the Allegheny County Homicide Unit.
According to the superintendent of the McKeesport Area School District, who was there at the time of the shooting and shared this information, both victims were students at McKeesport High School. The statement that was provided by Dr. Tia Wanzo, the Superintendent, can be found as follows:

It is disappointing to read of the tragedy that occurred this afternoon because one of the highest concerns of the McKeesport Area School District is ensuring the safety of our kids. During this difficult time, the district wishes the families of the victims to know that they are in the district’s thoughts and prayers and that they are being kept in the district’s thoughts and prayers. Students at McKeesport High School and East End Academy will take part in an asynchronous virtual day on December 15, as the community continues its process of coming to terms with the awful occurrence that took place on December 14. At the conclusion of this school week, McKeesport High School will continue to make its counseling services accessible, not only to its students, but also to any of its faculty or staff members who may require them.