Clete Dadian Obituary, Henderson Fire Department Firefighter Clete Dadian Dies

Clete Dadian Obituary, Death – Before Clete Dadian passed away, we shared a few conversations together. He was an HFD engineer. I was familiar with him and had collaborated with him in the past. In order to accomplish more, we need to work on improving our performance. This task needs to be finished as quickly as humanly possible. People need to be aware that working in emergency response involves seeing things that no one should ever have to see, and they also need to be willing to support those who are forced to see these things. avert suicide It is imperative that concerns pertaining to mental health be taken very seriously. While we are working here at the Henderson Fire Department, we ask that you keep an eye on us. Volunteer firefighter Clete Dadian goes by the nickname “Clete.”

I was brought up by a kind and generous man, and I credit him for instilling those characteristics in me. As soon as he entered a room, he would hasten over to you and envelop you in the most intense bear hug of your life. He conducted himself in such a way that made you feel as though you were the most important person in the room. His outgoing personality brought love and compassion to those around him, and his smile brought joy to everyone. His smile brought joy to everyone. Because you amazed and motivated all of us, we will certainly miss you. It would be an understatement to say that the news has disappointed me, but the fact remains that this is the case. During this trying time, my deepest condolences go out to the family that has always been there for me. I am truly sorry for the loss that you have suffered. Dadian Gina. We miss you, Clete!

My heart is shattered, and the throbbing pain is making it impossible for me to function normally. You, Clete Dadian, will be thought of frequently throughout the rest of my life, and I will always hold fond memories of you in my heart. You will always be cherished in our hearts. Never even once has it happened. On earth as well as in heaven, you presented yourself with the appearance and demeanor of an angel. Everything will be different after you leave because you were an integral part of it. This is a direct consequence of your absence from the situation. I’ve been thinking about you, my good friend.