David Doblinger Obituary, David Doblinger Has Passed Away

David Doblinger Obituary, Death – Our hearts are devastated by the news of David “Doubles” Doblinger’s untimely passing, which we received this morning to our complete and total amazement. Our hearts are broken by the news of David “Doubles” Doblinger’s untimely demise. We shall always hold a very warm memory of him in our hearts. Doubles was a very active participant in a great number of the many different events that took place over the many years that he was a member of the Queanbeyan Unit. These events took place throughout the many years that he was a member of the Queanbeyan Unit. In more recent times, Doubles has served as the RFS Liaison during flooding emergencies or even just come by to say hello.

He has also remained closely affiliated with our Unit and has maintained a close relationship with it. Additionally, Doubles remained a part of our squad till the very end. In addition to that, it is common knowledge that Doubles will just welcome individuals on occasion. During the nearly four decades that Doubles spent serving as a volunteer with the New South Wales Rural Fire Service in the Lake George Zone, he was an active member of the organization throughout the entirety of that time. During this time, he held the positions of Deputy Group Captain, Captain, Senior Deputy Captain, and Deputy Captain. During this time, he also served as Deputy Group Captain.

Additionally, he served in the capacity of Senior Deputy Captain. The most recent development in his career is that he has made the decision to join our South Eastern Area Command’s staff and has begun working there in an official capacity. He was a member of a number of rural fire brigades, including the Wamboin Rural Fire Brigade, the Ridgeway Rural Fire Brigade, the Jerrabomberra Creek Rural Fire Brigade, and the Queanbeyan City Rural Fire Brigade. In addition, he was a member of the Jerrabomberra Creek Rural Fire Brigade. During this difficult time, we are keeping all of the personnel of the NSW Rural Fire Service as well as his family in our thoughts and prayers.