Dominic Bevilacqua Obituary, Founding partner of Cabotto’s and Premier Italian chefs in Ottawa has died

Dominic Bevilacqua Obituary, Death – A recent passing has taken the life of a good person who was always willing to provide a helping hand to those in need. At the age of 79, Dominic Bevilacqua passed away unexpectedly, despite the fact that he had been a founding partner of both Cabotto’s and Premier Italian Cooks in Ottawa. Both Cabotto’s and Premier Italian Cooks began their operations in the city at the same time. People in the city will remember him as one of the most talented Italian chefs there is due to the legacy he has left behind for them.

Dominic and Vincent worked side by side in a company for a significant portion of their adult lives as partners in that company. Every time Dominic emerged from the kitchen, he carried two plates with him: one for himself, and the other for Vince, his roommate. You would be able to observe anything like this taking place on a daily basis. You could always count on them to have a lively chat whenever they came together for a lovely meal and a bottle of wine. They did this every time they got together.

This action had been carried out in the past when it was necessary. They will always remember the many wonderful moments, laughter, and conversations that they shared together, and as a consequence, they will miss one another very, very much. They will always remember the many pleasurable times, laughs, and conversations that they shared together.
Even after he had retired, Dominic continued to drop by every once in a while, and everytime he did, they would speak about how much they missed the good old days when they saw each other when they saw each other when they saw each other.

It would be exactly the same as it was back in the good old days; the talks that we are having right now would forever hold a unique place in each of our hearts. During this difficult moment, we would like to offer our most sincere condolences to his wife Gina, his son Carlo, and his daughter Angie, as well as the rest of their families. Cabotto’s wants to wish you the very best of luck, and both your friend Vincent and the rest of the Cabotto’s staff are looking forward to seeing you again very soon.