Irma Koch Obituary, Second Lewes Fatal Crash Victim Identified

Irma Koch Obituary, Death –┬áIrma Koch, who was 104 years old when the tragedy occurred, has been identified as the second person who unfortunately lost away as a direct result of an automobile accident that took place on Saturday in Lewes. The catastrophe took place on Saturday. Saturday was the day that the collision occurred. It has been determined that Irma Koch was the second person who passed away as a direct result of the collision. The fact that this has been determined serves as evidence of this reality. On Saturday, the sad event that ultimately led to the collision took place. This event took place.

One of the other people who perished away as a direct result of the incident was Carol Greblunas, who resided in Lewes and was 73 years old at the time of the disaster. She was one of the many persons who lost their lives as a direct consequence of the disaster. As a consequence of what took place, she was one of the other victims of this terrible accident that ended her life. According to the documents that were obtained from the Delaware State Police, the incident occurred on Saturday at approximately 3:38 p.m. when Koch, Greblunas, and another passenger were riding in a Subaru that was traveling east on Minos Conaway Road.

The papers were acquired from the Delaware State Police. Koch was the driver of the Subaru and was the one in control of the vehicle. The driver of the automobile was getting closer and closer to a bend in the road when all of a sudden, they drove into the oncoming traffic lane, which resulted in a collision with another vehicle that was coming at them head-on. Because the driver of the car made an unexpected move into the lane of traffic that was approaching from the opposite way, he is the one who is accountable for creating the accident that occurred.