John Sims Obituary Sarasota FL, Artist Sarasota John Sims has died

John Sims Obituary, Death – A tremendously talented musician who was born in Detroit and one of the world’s most brilliant creative brains has passed away. It was John Sims who… It’s hard for me to believe I’m about to state that John Sims WAS… John Sims was a mathematician, a math and conceptual artist, a writer, a producer, and a dedicated supporter, advisor, and friend of the gallery. He was also known for his mathematical and conceptual artwork. His creative ability and talent were limitless to say the least. NO END. Sims was our first Artist-in-Residence and co-curated our first exhibition, which was titled “SuperNatural Woman: Tribute to a Queen.” During his time here, he worked on a multi-media piece that featured his neighborhood on the west side of Detroit. Recently, he reposted an essay that he’d written for the Metro Times in memory of our good friend and brother, Greg Tate.

In the piece, Greg is remembered for his kindness. How could we have possibly anticipated that he would pass away just a few days after she did? This man was a genius, y’all, and we were both proud and fortunate to have had him on our side. He was a graduate of Renaissance High School and Antioch College in Ohio, and he taught mathematics at Ringling University in Florida. He was also the earliest and most steadfast opponent of the flying of the Confederate flag. If the truth is known, Irwin House Gallery wouldn’t be able to pay its bills right now if it weren’t for John Sims. We owe a significant amount of gratitude to him for the majority of what we’ve been able to accomplish this year. Rest In Power Dear Friend. I WILL finish the last assignment involving Detroit for you. I promise you.

His art has been exhibited at prestigious museums. A few years ago, Beth and I had an engagement party for John, who was performing a performance art wedding in which he played the role of a priest and married a Confederate soldier to a Union soldier. We served champagne in Dixie cups (!) for the toast at the celebration (In curator Tessa Wills art event). It’s a shame to report this, but John had a lot of life left in him and a promising future. His voice was absolutely necessary in this moment.