Kristel Close Obituary, Waterloo Region District School Board Teacher Has Passed Away

Kristel Close Obituary, Death – Kristel Close was a devoted wife to her husband, Matt Close, and a doting mother to her two treasured sons, Ridley Close (age 3), and Graham Close. Graham Close was born three years after Ridley Close (age 2). (1 year old). Kristel received the heartbreaking diagnosis that she was in an advanced stage of breast cancer just a few short weeks ago. Her health took a nosedive as a direct result of cancer’s continued rapid spread, which was a terrible turn of events. We are saddened to inform you that Kristel passed away on December 11, 2022. The news of her passing has left us in a state of mourning.

Reading, language, education, and learning were all subjects that captivated Kristel’s attention to a great extent. She spent a decade as an educator, during which time she had the wonderful opportunity to instill those same interests in her students. As a result of her long career in education, she has a wide range of experiences. Kristel was an affectionate, thoughtful, and exuberant woman who had the utmost regard for her family and cared deeply about them. She held them in the highest regard. Specifically, her two sons, who were the most important things to her throughout her entire life. Because she was taken from us at such a tender age, our entire family is unable to find consolation in the fact that she is no longer with us, and her absence from our lives will leave an indelible mark.

During this difficult time, Kristel’s children and husband will require support as they work through the aftermath of their mother’s passing. We want to raise money for Kristel’s boys so that we can assist them in any way they may require in the coming days, months, and years as they readjust to life without their cherished mother and wife. This will allow us to help them with anything they might require during this time. Our intention is to assist them in any way that they might require it.