Mark T. Hanna Obituary, Mark T. Hanna has sadly passed away

Mark T. Hanna Obituary, Death – He had lived for 68 years and was 68 years old when he passed away on the 10th of December, 2022. he had reached the age of 68 at the time of his passing. Gerald Hanna had already passed away by the time his son was born, thus he never got to meet his son. His son took his name when he was born. The following members of his family are still living: his wife of 46 years, Katherine Hanna; daughters Joanne (David) Jennings of Webster, Laurie (Roland) Sherman of Cape Vincent, and Casey Lynn Hanna (Ott) of Honeoye; granddaughters Leah and Juliana Ott; his mother Joan Hanna; brothers Mike (Mary Kay) Hanna of Rochester, Matthew (Tina) Hanna of Pittsford, and Patrick (Mary Ann) (1976)

Mark was a co-owner of both the Abrasive Tool Corporation and the Cape Vincent Brewing Company, and he managed both businesses with an extraordinarily high level of attention to detail and meticulousness. Mark was not only an employee but also a co-owner of both businesses. Joan was certain that he would never let her down and that he would be a brave and trustworthy son throughout his entire life. She had complete faith in these two propositions. In spite of the fact that he had a lot of excitement for many other things in life, such as football, music, dogs, and the river, he believed that his family was the single most important component of his existence.