Marya Smith Obituary, Friends, Families and Travellers Mourns Marya Smith’s Death

Marya Smith Obituary, Death – Marya Sadouni-Smith, a Support Worker who was very well respected and dedicated to her job, passed away unexpectedly the night before, and everyone here at Friends, Families, and Travellers was taken aback when we learned about her passing this morning. She had gone away the night before. During the large amount of time that Marya spent working at FFT in a number of jobs, she was able to bring joy into the lives of not just the people she dealt with but also the people who worked with her. She was well known by both staffs and non staffs of the organization. Her smile is very captivating.

At the beginning of the year 2020, Marya was coping with a range of serious and complex health concerns. As a result, she was unable to continue working in the position that she held. As a direct consequence of this, she had no choice but to resign. Because of her candor, friendliness, and generosity, we have a lot of stories to tell about her; in fact, several of the members of our team were Marya’s clients before they joined the staff, so we have a lot of stories to tell about her.

There is no appropriate means of conveying Marya’s empathy and affection to the people who are a part of her immediate environment because there is no way to explain these feelings. Marya Sadouni-Smith is an outstanding illustration of a person who is able to persevere in spite of the challenges that they face in life. The fact that she is able to do so has made her an example to many people. During this sad time, our condolences, prayers, and thoughts are with her family as well as everyone else who cared for and loved her. We are sorry for your loss.