Nick Miner Obituary, HS quarterback Nick Miner killed in crash helping another driver

Nick Miner Obituary, Death – Nick Miner, a popular student at East River High School who played quarterback for the school’s varsity football team, passed dead suddenly on October 23. According to statements made by witnesses, Nick Miner was driving his own vehicle along Dallas Boulevard in east Orange County at roughly one in the morning with the intention of rescuing a friend’s truck that had become stuck in a ditch. The Florida Highway Patrol spoke with a woman who was driving on Dallas Boulevard and said that she did not see Nick Miner. The woman is 27 years old. This information was provided by the government agency. The accident took place as a result of a collision between her car and his truck. Nick Miner was thrown from the vehicle, and then the truck overturned, which ultimately led to his demise.

According to the remarks that they have made, the grief that Nick Miner’s parents have been enduring has been made worse by the fact that they have been kept in the dark about the inquiry into the accident. “It has been 47 days after the incident, and I am still unaware of the specifics of what took place on that evening. This is something that continues to irritate me to no end. I understand I will never understand why. Nick Miner’s father, Derek Miner, has been quoted as saying, “I simply want to know the how and what happened that night.”

The Miners claim that they are aware of the identity of the young woman who was driving the other vehicle that collided with Nick Miner’s automobile, and they are curious as to whether or not she will be prosecuted for her role in the accident. Nick Miner’s car was damaged in the collision. On the other hand, they claimed that the Florida Highway Patrol was unable to get in touch with them.

“We have reached out to you, either through our attorney or directly with ourselves, you know, just reaching out and asking, ‘Hey, are you able to supply us with anything?’ “We have interacted with you either through our attorney or personally with ourselves. “And nothing, neither have we,” said Nick Miner’s mother, Deanna Miner. “Neither have we,” she added. Nothing has been communicated to us as of yet.