Paul Azbell Obituary, Lancaster Ohio Paul Azbell Has Passed Away

Paul Azbell Obituary, Death – I pray that the peace that surpasses all understanding will find its way to you, Paul, who is so dearly loved. Ours was a beautiful love story, but it ended in a way that was both unexpectedly tragic and a complete shock to both of us. We were both caught off guard by the turn of events. Not only were you my love, but you were also my supporter, and for both of these roles, you had my utmost respect and admiration. I will never forget the love and support you gave me. The brand new day has begun with yet another brand new morning.
When I try to focus on something else, my mind keeps going back to the way I used to rest my head, and it distracts me from what I should be paying attention to. I have no influence or power over it.

When I close my eyes, there is no doubt in my mind that I can identify your face in its entirety. I can see it even without opening them. That smile was capable of bringing me down to such a low point at any given time that I would be unable to stand back up again. Those eyes had the capability of seeing all the way through to the very center of my being, and they did so with a clarity that was almost uncanny. My entire being yearns for the sensation of your hands running over my skin, and the thought of having your kiss land on my lips makes my mouth water with desire. I crave the taste of your kiss on my lips.

My whole being yearns for the experience of having your hands run over my skin. Please do it soon. My spirit is suffering as a direct result of you.
My life has progressed to the point where I am able to put into words what it is like to go through the experience of being by oneself at this point in time. This is because I am able to articulate what it is like to go through this experience. I am doing my best to resist the urge to dry my eyes with a tissue.

It’s gotten beyond what I can reasonably handle, and it’s getting to the point where I can’t even handle it anymore. At this point, it’s beyond what I can handle.
I beg God to grant me the strength to get through yet another day of my life without you in it. Please hear my prayer and answer it. Please pay attention to my supplication and respond to it.