Robin Lewis Obituary, Haslett Board of education Robin Lewis Has Passed Away

┬áRobin Lewis Obituary, Death – Unfortunately, Robin Lewis has betrayed us and abandoned us. She was an outstanding advocate for our children while serving on the Lansing School Board, where she spent a significant portion of her life; however, she was much more than that. She spent a significant portion of her life serving on the Lansing School Board. She had devoted a significant amount of her life to serving on the board. During the majority of the board’s existence, she was a member of the board. She was a remarkable woman who enjoyed widespread popularity and garnered the respect of people in all parts of our city and community.

She was instrumental in both of those endeavors. She spent a significant amount of time working in both roles. She was also recently elected to the Haslett School Board, which will give her the opportunity to utilize her leadership abilities on behalf of our neighbors in Meridian Township. This success was earned as a direct result of her running for and being elected to a position on the board of directors. Additionally, Robin was a trustworthy friend who was always there for his friends when they needed him. She was always there with a supportive and encouraging words whenever we required her assistance. She was there for me at all times with a supportive and encouraging words to say. It was always possible for Lansing and me to count on her for helpful advice and an abundance of encouragement. She was a very good person to turn to for information. She was not only an example to follow but also a motivation for me.

Robin, We are at a loss for appropriate expressions of gratitude to adequately express how grateful we are for everything you have done, and we are at a loss for what those expressions should be. Because of the profound effect that you had on each of our lives as well as the expansion of this community, we are all going to miss you very much when you leave this place. Rachel Willis and the rest of the Lewis/Willis family, along with everyone else Robin had such a positive influence on throughout his life, have my deepest condolences. Also, please accept my condolences on behalf of everyone else. He will unequivocally be missed in our lives. I would ask that you please accept my sincere condolences in regard to the loss suffered by the Lewis/Willis family.