Rosemary Stewart Obituary, Marong Football Netball Club Mourns Rosemary Stewart’s Death

Rosemary Stewart Obituary, Death – The news of Rosemary Stewart’s unexpected and untimely passing has been received by the Marong Football Netball Club with an overwhelming feeling of loss and sorrow. In spite of the fact that Rose’s family has significant roots in the Marong neighborhood, she has been an incredible asset to our club for the past ten years. Her engagement has primarily consisted of cheering for her children Erin, Fraser, and Billy since they were little junior players all the way up until the present time, when they are competing at the senior level. Throughout the years, Rose has served in a variety of capacities, including those of coach for the mini-netballers and team manager for the junior netball teams.

Unquestionably, the mind behind Brad when he was the manager of the Under-18 football team, and in general, a supportive and encouraging presence on the sidelines of the court or oval. Even after her own children had advanced to the senior level, Rose continued to invest in and support our younger programs at Marong Primary School, where she was a much-loved teacher’s helper. This was the case even after her children had moved on to the senior level. Because of her consistent support, the young people who attended her classes and visited our club saw a face they knew and one that was welcoming. In addition to all of those things, Rose was simply one of the most charming individuals that was connected with our club.

Her “chill out, everything will be fine” demeanor, as well as her unwavering commitment to both the club and her family, was like a breath of fresh air. Whether it was before, during, or after the game, she was a delight to have in the room. Her effort has made a positive impact on the Marong First Nation’s Club, the Marong Community Club, Marong Primary School, and the greater Marong community. We should count ourselves fortunate to have known Rose, and consider ourselves unfortunate that she is no longer with us. During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with Brad, Erin, Fraser, Billy, and Rick. Rest in peace, Rose.